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Guido Krenning, PhD / Young Principle Investigator

Dr. Guido Krenning was born on July 15th in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. After obtaining his Masters degree in Biology (Major Molecular Biology) at the University of Groningen in March 2005, he was presented with the opportunity to continue his research on the use of Endothelial Progenitor Cells for Vascular Regenerative Medicine at the Department of Pathology & Medical Biology, University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), facilitated by the W.J. Kolff Institute for Biomedical Engineering and Materials Research. In April 2009 Guido Krenning was awarded the Doctorate in Medical Sciences with the distinction “Cum Laude”. Following his PhD-research, Guido moved to the Division of Matrix Biology at Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA) for Postdoctoral Training (2009-2010). At HMS, he focussed his research on the epigenetic mechanisms (primarily microRNAs) of endothelial dysfunction in fibrosis. In October 2010, Guido Krenning was awarded an “Innovational Research Incentives” (VENI) grant by ZonMW/NWO to further his research. From January 2011 onwards, Guido Krenning is appointed as a young Principle Investigator within the CardioVascular Regenerative Medicine Research Group at the UMCG, where he continues his research on the epigenetic mechanisms of endothelial dysfunction and its role in the development of cardiovascular pathologies, such as atherosclerosis, microangiopathy and cardiac fibrosis.

  • +31 50 361 5181 (direct)
  • +31 50 361 8043 (secr)