We currently have internships available for national and international Bachelor Students and Master Students. Your background should be in molecular or cell biology, bioengineering, (regenerative) medicine, medical biology or life sciences in general. An internship preferably lasts at least 3 months, we prefer 6 months or longer: only then you can experience the true nature of science. Below is a list of current research topics and contact information. 


- Adipose tissue-derived Stromal cells in the augmentation of Diabetic Retinopathy (Marco Harmsen, PhD)

- Biomechanical Influences in Cardiovascular Development and Disease (Jan-Renier Moonen, MD/MSc)

- Epigenetic Adaptations to Hyperglycemia-induced Diabetic Microangiopathy (Guido Krenning, PhD)

- Epigenetic Determinants of Endothelial Dysfunction (Guido Krenning, PhD)

- Functions of Adipose tissue-derived Stromal Cells in Cardiovascular Regeneration (Marco Harmsen, PhD)

- Hyperglycemia-induced Monocyte/Macrophage Plasticity in Diabetes (Marco Harmsen, PhD)

- microRNAs in Control of Cardiovascular Pathologies (Guido Krenning, PhD

- Molecular and Epigenetic Regulation of Endothelial-Mesenchymal Transition (Monika Maleszewska, MSc)

- Transcriptional control of Endothelial Dysfunction (Marike van Beuge, PhD)