23 January 2013: DEBS/GUIDE International Meeting of Endothelial Biomechanics


Preliminary program


10.00-13.00 Master class: Researching Biomechanical Influences


14.00-15.00 Dr. Jan-Renier Moonen:

15.00-16.00 Dr. Guillermo Garcia-Cardena:

16.00-17.00 Drinks


NB. Participation to the symposium is free and without registration. Participation to the master class requires registration. For more information, contact Dr. Guido Krenning (g.krenning@umcg.nl)




9 January 2013: Symposium on Endothelial Plasticity and Biomechanics

(honorary symposium for the thesis defence of Jan-Renier Moonen, location UMCG Groningen)


Preliminary Speakers: 

Prof. dr. Rolf Berger (UMCG, dept. Pediatric Cardiology)
Prof. dr. Jose Eduardo Krieger (University Sao Paolo, dept. Genetics and Molecular Medicine)
Prof.dr. Marie-Jose Goumans (Leiden University Medical Center)
Dr. Damian Medici (Brown University, lab. Regenerative Medicine)
Prof. dr. Marc Schmidt (University of Wurzburg, dept. Dermatology)
Drs. Jan-Renier Moonen (UMCG, dept. PMB, CAVAREM)




9 November 2012: DIAMICOM (International Research Training Group on DIAbetic MIcrovascular COMplications) was granted by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. Two PhD-student vacancies are now open in the CAVAREM lab (click for more info).






25 May 2012: Mojtaba Parvizi wins the "Discussee Award" of the Netherlands Society for Matrix Biology.









8 May 2012: Merel Koning reaches the front cover of Tissue Engineering!



Full story: Koning et al (2012) Tissue Engineering Vol 18, pp 889 - MicroRNA-1 and MicroRNA-206 Improve Differentiation Potential of Human Satellite Cells: A Novel Approach for Tissue Engineering of Skeletal Muscle.














The Scientist - University of Groningen ranks 5th in Best Places to work in Academia, Globally!


Volkskrant Summer 2011 series - De vliegende auto (interview Marco Harmsen)